Mission Statement

Mission Statement

An overview of GCR’s organisational structure and regulatory recognition

GCR employs the largest team of rating analysts in Africa, split into four key rating units:

1) Financial Institutions: banks and non-bank financial institutions
2) Insurance: short term insurance, assurance, reinsurance & healthcare
3) Corporate and Public Sector Debt: corporates & industrial borrowers; property funds; parastatals, utilities, state governments & local authorities
4) Structured Finance & Securitisation.

GCR’s ratings are based on best practice international methodologies, suitably tailored to account for unique local market conditions, and are regularly reviewed.

GCR’s core operating principals are:-
 Analysts concentrate on specific product categories (thus ensuring specialist expertise)
 Regional representatives concentrate on geographic areas (thus ensuring local knowledge and timely market information)
 All ratings are accorded by GCR’s rating panel and stringent checks and controls are implemented throughout the ratings process (thus ensuring quality and consistency)

In developed markets it is the norm for rating agencies to be “accredited” by the relevant market authority. Such accreditation is granted once the rating agency has demonstrated its technical competence and market acceptance. GCR is officially accredited in all markets in which it operates (where such accreditation is a requirement). More recently, GCR’s South African subsidiary was registered as a Credit Rating Services Provider by the Financial Services Board, Licence No: CRA001.

The key benefits of a GCR rating

The role of a rating agency is to independently differentiate credit quality across all industry sectors and investment instruments, with the purpose of providing investors with a basis to guide appropriate investment and pricing decisions. Accordingly, a formal rating provides an independent and internationally recognised measurement of an organisation’s financial strength. A favourable rating can immediately result in an increased pool of investors, can facilitate direct access to capital markets and can ultimately result in reduced funding costs. Furthermore, the extensive distribution of the detailed rating report can prove to be a highly effective complement to an organisation’s own investor relations activities. This is particularly true in emerging markets were international coverage of companies may be limited or non-existent, enabling rated entities to take full advantage of the strong investor interest in emerging markets from across the globe. Finally, quite apart from the rating, the process provides a useful management tool insofar as it provides management with the benefit of a knowledgeable, independent, third party opinion on the organisation and its operations (including the results of an extensive “benchmarking” process across a wide range of financial, operational and control variables).

The core advantages of a GCR rating is based on the principals of “analytical excellence”, market penetration and distribution, while specific benefits include:

 The largest rating team in Africa, and on the ground presence in all key markets
 Senior management team boasts over 70 year’s cumulative ratings experience
 International methodologies adapted for local circumstances
 Highly competitive pricing
 Proven ratings accuracy and analytical excellence
 Market leadership in Africa
 Extensive coverage in leading local and international financial publications (note that GCR’s ratings are also available on all Bloomberg’s terminals worldwide)
 The largest investor subscriber base in Africa

The benefits of a rating are becoming more evident as capital markets across the African continent develop, and bond issuances increase, with increasing calls being made for these transactions to be rated.

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15 Jan 2020: Gombe State Government of Nigeria

15 Jan 2020: Nigeria Reinsurance Corporation

04 Oct 2019: Axxela Limited

04 Oct 2019: Transcorp Hotels Plc

04 Oct 2019: Capital Trust Investment & Asset Management Limited

04 Oct 2019: Chapel Hill Denham Money Market Fund

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Email: bisi@warltd.com

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